Summertime Nostalgia

Summer is here! I can’t believe it. Every year it comes faster and faster, and as the kids get older, each summer seems better than the one that came before. We are taking some time to see family and roadtrip across Kansas for the first few weeks of the summer, so while I’m away, I thought I’d share some of my favorite videos from summers past. Happy summer, friends!

(As always, you can follow our summer adventures on Instagram under the handle @crazy_bananas)

Vlog Numero Uno – On Self-Care

Okay, you guys…I did it! This is my very first attempt at a video blog (aka, a vlog) and can I just say something honest? I am terrified to post this here. I feel like a total dorkface, and that silly voice in my head is telling me every reason I shouldn’t post this. Don’t you hate that silly voice? The one that points out all of your flaws and scares the crap out of you? Well, I have heard that when my silly voice tells me I shouldn’t do something, I should probably just do the opposite. So here, for your viewing enjoyment, is a little video I put together on the concept of self-care, and how I’ve incorporated it into my life. It’s long, y’all. That’s probably the first thing I learned, once I get talking, I don’t really stop quickly, so in future vlogs I’m going to cut it to about 3 minutes. I know you guys like me, but I’m sure you don’t have six minutes to listen to me babble on…except there is a special reward for those of you who make it until the end (hint: jazz hands!).

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and ideas, both on the concept of self-care and the vlog format itself. Constructive criticism is welcome, but be kind, you guys. I’m a delicate flower.

Enjoy! Ahhhhh!

Stiller and Meara

I was browsing on Hulu the other day and saw this fantastic web series called Stiller and Meara, which features Ben Stiller’s parents, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. The two are both comedians who have been married for almost 60 years, and became famous as a comedy duo on the 1960s and 1970s, doing appearances on TV like The Ed Sullivan Show. The new series was taped a few years ago, and the two cover topics from Lindsay Lohan to Unemployment Insurance. I can only hope in 50 or 60 years I’ll still be as funny as these two…well, I’m probably not that funny today, but that’s not the point. Enjoy a little bit of Stiller and Meara!

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