The Bluffs at Gardners Grove

One of my favorite parts of road-tripping across Kansas was watching the scenery around me. Yes, of course, Kansas can be boring. But just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you’ll come across something surprising. For me, that something was Gardners Grove.

This little gem was in the middle of a pasture, and we had to drive a Jeep through a few wheat fields to get there. Apparently this little grove of cottonwood trees and the bluffs that tower over them were sacred for the Native Americans in the area. They’d run the bison right off the edge of the bluffs in order to kill them for their meat and fur, and to this day you can still find bison skulls there. There are also the elusive shark teeth, which we searched for, but never found. We did come home with a few fossils and some awesome rocks and crystals. The kids had so much fun, we decided to go back with Trent when he got into town. He and Lucy spent ages scouring the bluffs for fossils and other treasures. Next time I’ll bring my big camera, but this time around, I managed to get a few shots with the iPhone, which was much easier to carry on the big hike.

Hiking the bluffs today...pretty incredible. Kansas is beautiful! #kansas #bluffs #grove #gove #nature #rock #sky #plains #beauty #tate #climb

More from the whoa. That's Lucy, Ash and Ace in the distance. #gove #grove #bluffs #kansas #hiking #climb #beauty #nature #horizon


Had to take dad to the bluffs! He was as amazed as we were. Came home with a bunch of new fossils and lots of good memories ❤️ #kansas #gove #gardnersgrove #bluffs #nature #cliff #climb #fun



Our Vacation Through the iPhone Lens

My family and I just got back from a wonderful few days away on vacation on the Florida Gulf Coast. We had never (ever!) taken a vacation with just the four of us, so I was so, so excited to get some time away from our daily life with the people I love most in the world. To say things have been chaotic around our home for the past year or so is the greatest understatement of all time, and if I would’ve known the relief a few days of fun and sun would provide, we would have done this months ago! There is something about snuggling in a big hotel bed, with sand between my toes and everyone smelling of sunscreen, that makes everything in my little universe seem okay. I have a ton of photos to go through, but since we just got back, my plate currently full with everything we ignored while we were away. I’ll definitely be sharing in the near future, along with some tips for traveling and activities in the area, but for now, here are of my favorite iPhone photos of our trip. We certainly are the luckiest of ducks!

And we're off! #cbspringbreak #springbreak #365grateful #travel #yay



A #latergram from dinner last night...what a great night! Oh, an also, we sat next to Hulk Hogan at dinner and I acted like a crazy person. No photographic proof though, because of my aforementioned craziness. Tidbit: He is huge! And his mustache is quite



Vacation is so exhausting, little dude can't even stay up through one episode of Dinosaur Train! #sleepy #cbspringbreak #springbreak




Sunset dinner, grown-ups only  #cbspringbreak #carettas #fancypants #sunset #springbreak  #love

Nice to know every once in a while he'll still take a nap on me ❤️❤️❤️ #365grateful #love #son #mother #nap #adorable #poolside


Big day for our future marine biologist! #cbspringbreak #springbreak #clearwater #clearwateraquarium #dolphin #marinelife #joy




Goodbye Clearwater Beach! You were awesome! #cbspringbreak #springbreak #clearwaterbeach #clearwater #horizon #blue #viewfinder #binoculars #ocean #gulfofmexico #water #sky


A Birthday and Donuts

A few weeks ago, we got to celebrate the birthday of one very special Valentine! Our sweet niece, Brooklyn, turned 2-years-old this Valentine’s Day, and we celebrated with her friends and family at Varsity Donuts in Manhattan, Kansas. I think a donut decorating party is definitely one of my favorite party themes of all time! Probably because I’ m a bit of a donut freak, but that being said, I think this party was a hit for everyone who attended. I feel endlessly lucky to have such a fun family! Happy birthday, sweet Brooklyn!






My Loves, on Valentine’s Day


We spent Valentine’s Day out of town, as we are lucky enough to have a cute little Valentine’s birthday girl in the family! We ate cake, chocolates and made wishes on candles. I was even spoiled with a few fun gifts, including a new charm bracelet that Trent and Lu put together for me and this t-shirt, which is pretty amazing! Hope your day was full of love and light, I know mine was!

Love my boys... ❤️❤️❤️ #father #son #games #varsitydoughnuts #manhattan #365grateful #vintage #love

Happy birthday to our Valentine's girl! ❤️❤️❤️

Photos : Ashley + Adrian

IMG_8314 copy2

I was lucky enough over the holiday last week to get to shoot some photos of friends and family while in my hometown. Some were for their upcoming holiday cards and some were just for fun! I am little obsessed with how this shoot turned out, featuring my sister-in-law and her husband. I mean, her skirt is so perfect, right?! I feel like it’s a 1970s dream, sort of like the movie Love Story. I applied a little filter on these images (The 600 from Totally Rad Actions for you photogs who might be curious) to ramp up the vintage vibe a bit. I love being able to play around and have people indulge my silliness! Thanks Ashley and Adrian!

IMG_8314 copy

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