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I didn’t realize the people who read this site were so crazy about The Hills! Lord. Yes, I watched The Hills on Monday night and was, of course, enthralled, as I obviously have no filter when it comes to horrible television. I always feel bad for poor LC, who just keeps getting screwed over and over again. I worry that she’s becoming a bit of a man-hater and I just want to reach out and shake her and say, “This is not real life! There are better people in the world then all of these wackos you seem to like hanging out with” or “Chin up, kid, things will get better.” But then she’d probably think I was a psycho as she doesn’t know who the hell I am and, hello, did I notice that I’m 24 years old with a toddler and no money and who the HELL am I to be giving advice. Point taken, LC. Just please don’t get back with Jason. Even though he’s a random, not cute bad boy. I know how those can be temping.

Also, as I am additionally a fan of horrible pop music and romantic comedies, I am obviously a fan of Ms. Mandy Moore. I found this random clip of Ms. Moore covering the song Umbrella (originally by Rhianna) and I thought it was pretty damn good. So if you can sit through the time it takes to load the video and deal with the crappy blue screen effects depicting Rhianna doing some sort of strip tease in the background, I’d give it a listen. Unless you’re a jackass hipster urbanite. In which case, why the eff are you reading this blog?!

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  1. Inger
    Inger says:

    I guess I am TOTALLY NOT COOL because I don’ watch the hills or particularly like Many Moore… I’m gonna go listen to some Grateful Dead now…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mandy Moore covers Rhianna’s summer hit, Umbrella…

    Mandy Moore does an incredible rendition of this year’s summer hit, Umbrella, originally by Rhianna. I’m not usually in to the Top 40 or mix channel stuff, but this is a great cover. Makes a catchy song sound sweet and lyrical….

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