Three Cheers for Pink Hair

A few weeks ago my husband and I were looking through all of our past holiday cards (which I’m gathering for another project) when he said, “See, you change your hair a lot!” I had been protesting that I had the same hairstyle for about 10 years, and I was getting bored. Again. But that husband of mine is pretty observant, and he’s not wrong! While technically I have had long, blond, wavy hair for 10+ years, I do not like getting stuck in a rut and I do change it up quite a bit. It seems like every two years or so I get anxious and end up cutting blunt bangs (my idea of “change” without too much actual change). I also used to color my hair quite a bit, highlighting it to be a sunny blond and even adding lowlights to dial down the color a little. But for the last two and a half years I haven’t colored my hair at all, and I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out, I really like my natural hair color! Who knew.

But, because I’m me, I started to get that little itch to change it up a few weeks back. When I mentioned this, he just asked that I didn’t cut bangs again (he’s not a fan) and I promised I wouldn’t. However, I’m not sure what I ended up doing was any less dramatic…

Pink Hair

Yep, that’s pink! I have wanted to do something fun with my hair color for such a long time, but because of my career in corporate marketing, I felt like I couldn’t do something so “unprofessional.” Oh, and I’m 32-years-old. I was always afraid a funky hair color would scream, “I’M IN MY MID-THIRTIES BUT IT’S OKAY BECAUSE I’M COOL! I’M NOT A REGULAR MOM, I’M A COOL MOM! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY?”

Six days after coloring...and no washing!

Six days after coloring…and no washing!

These days with my freelance life, I have a lot more flexibility when it comes to my attire and how I look on a daily basis, so I finally decided it was time to go for it. I requested “dusty pink highlights” from my stylist Amy, and she totally delivered! I love the look because it’s super subtle, but really, really fun. And once the pink fades, I will have golden blond highlights where they were. If it were up to me, I would’ve totally colored my whole head, but that’s why Amy rules, because she suggested a little less might be more, especially since it was my first time trying a color like this. She was totally right, however now I am terrified of the color fading because I love it so much! I was told the more I wash my hair, the quicker it will fade, so I haven’t washed it in six days…can I get a high five for dry shampoo? It’s the best (I use this brand if you’re curious).

So far, the pink is sticking around and that makes me so happy! Turns out, this blond is actually having more fun as a pinky!

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