Photoshoot – The Odle Family


I am a person that doesn’t make new friends easily…you know the type, right? I have a few close friends from growing up and then from college, but when it comes to making new friends, I turn in to a total geek. I’m what psychologists call an “introverted extrovert.” I’m pretty good in public, or in big group situations, but I’d much rather be hunkered down with only a few people, or even all alone. So, truth be told, I haven’t made a gaggle of great friends in the last 8 years since I moved to Kansas City.

But the ones I’ve made, they are pretty darn rad. That’s one thing reagarding being picky about your friends, the ones you end up keeping are ones you’re really proud to know. Case in point, my friend Lane, who I met at my second (and scariest) job in Kansas City at a PR firm. When you’re spending 10+ hours a day with someone in a very high stress situation, you are either going to become fast friends or bitter enemies. I’m lucky enough to say Lane and I were the former, and have stayed friends throughout the years, as we both changed jobs and careers. Miss Lane and her husband Keegan had a baby girl, Elliott, this past summer, and I feel pretty honored to photograph them. Thanks for being awesome, Odle Family!



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