It’s Here! NYC + KC, The Book!

Do you all remember waaaayyyy back in 2009? Back before Tate was even an idea in my head? Back when we had just moved to the suburbs? Back when doing the “put a ring on it” dance was considered so rad and totally new? Yeah, well, way back then my friend Theresa and I did a photo project called NYC + KC. A little reminder of the project:

We post pictures of whatever we happen to come upon each day, from street vendors to murals, from school papers to long commutes, from ski trips to morning coffee. Each day is a surprise to us and I’m so happy we’ve decided to do this. Our plan is to post one picture every day for a year, although who knows how long this will last. On some days, pictures don’t get posted until late at night, other days they’re posted by 8 a.m., just depends on the bob and weave of life.

Well, we did make it through an entire year. And though there were days (weeks…months) where we wanted to quit, we just kept right on shooting. Ever since we completed the project, we knew we wanted to put together a book of our experiences, but as things like this often do, it got away from us. We both had jobs and then we each decided to have a baby, and before we knew it, two years had passed and our book still wasn’t made.

No longer, people. May I present NYC + KC: A Year of Photos Between Friends:


You guys, I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am of this book. The whole journey of this project was so wonderful and enlightening, but to see it replayed several years later and look back on it with new eyes was such an amazing thing. I can’t speak for Theresa, but I was in tears as I opened it for the first time.

What’s that? You want one of these for yourself? An NYC + KC book of your very own? Well, I can help you with that! You can buy your own copy of NYC + KC: A Year of Photos Between Friends at Blurb dot com. You can also preview a selection from the book on Blurb, just in case you need a little more convincing (and if you do check out the preview, you need to look at the back cover…it’s one of my favorite parts of the book).

Please click here to purchase NYC + KC: A Year of Photos Between Friends.

Lastly, thank you. If you’re reading this you’re probably someone who supported either Theresa or I in this process, and that makes you awesome. High fives all around!

P.S. Please note, the eBook is now available for purchase as well, for only $5! Hooray for technology!

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