I Heart KC – Fairies at Powell Gardens

Lulu is obsessed with fairies. And let’s face it, when you’re a feminist mom with a kid who loves all things princess and Disney, you’ll take fairies any day. So when we heard from our fabulous friends over at Petit Soul that Powell Gardens was creating a summer experience called “Fairy Houses and Forts,” we were all over it.




The premise of this year’s display is life-sized fairy houses that kids can explore and enjoy. There was a big pink tee-pee, an “ice house” made of clear material and even a pirate ship. Each fairy house or fort had a story that you could read to learn all about the house and the fairies that lived there. Lulu was in heaven.





We were lucky enough to snag tickets to the sneak peek night, where several of the designers of the fairy houses were on hand and there were tons of extra activities for kids. Powell Gardens is usually only open until 6 p.m., so it was a real treat to be able to be in the park after dark. In fact, our cars were the last ones in the parking lot when we left around 9:30! Yup, we were pretty tired, but it was worth it.



Along with the fairy homes to explore, on this particular night they had s’mores stops along the walking trail, where kids could pick up a baggie filled with s’mores supplies and cook them right there. When you’re a kid, is there anything better than s’mores? Heck, I’m almost 30 and I think s’mores are awesome!




Inside the main building there was also a display of mini fairy houses, which were so detailed and incredible. We were in such a rush when we got there to get to the big fairy houses, we almost missed this display. Luckily we found it on the way out, and the girls ran all around trying to find the hidden fairy dwellings nestled into the greenery.


I have to give a super big thanks to the Petit Soul crew, who not only informed us of this fun event, but hung out with me and my crazy munchins on a Friday night, which also happened to be Ben’s birthday. Happy belated birthday, Ben! And check out Nicole’s camera! She shot a bunch of film (yes, film!) and I can’t wait to see what she ends up with. (You can see some film shots Nicole took of our family last fall here and here.)



Finally, and on a totally random note, can I once again pronounce how much I love the iPhone? I brought my big camera, but since I was on solo kid duty, I never had a chance to bust it out. Every photo for this post was taken on the iPhone….just bananas. Every parent needs to get one.

IMG_1062 copy

IMG_1039 copy

The Powell Gardens Fairy Houses and Forts installation will be available for viewing now thru October 7. Powell Gardens is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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    • megspoon
      megspoon says:

      We had such a great time! I hope you get another good crowd for the “Enchanted” evening event. It was pretty magical to be there as the sun set 🙂


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