Happy Weekend!

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Happy Friday, everyone! This was my first full week at my new job(s) and it went fairly well. I can be a bit of a pessimist, so I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth everything was. I’m sure I will regret that sentence the minute I hit “publish” on this post, but for now, I’m going with it. Here are a few fun links from around the web to get you through this weekend:

An actual astronaut, in space, tweeting about Star Trek? Rad. The stars of the show replying to him on Twitter and the meme that followed? The best thing on the web. Ever.

The Golden Globes are this weekend! Sarah came up with a couple lazy hair styles that will make you feel like a movie star too.

I love The Reconstructionists! Every morning they post an illustration of a trailblazing woman, along with a hand-lettered quote that captures her spirit and a short micro-essay about her life and legacy. So amazing!

Friendship bracelet temporary tattoos. Lu has requested five of these.

An orchestra of slum children creating music out of other people’s trash. Beauty is real.

A graphic artist took Van Gogh’s self portrait and made it in to a photograph. The result is astounding.

This video of the Northern Lights has me looking up.

I adore Andrea’s round up of stories that changed her life in 2012.

New Justin Timberlake album! I repeat, NEW JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ALBUM!!!


Here’s a few other links of my work around the web this week:

Are Paper Dolls the Next Big Trend (And Why It Matters!) on Design for MiniKind

A Photography Guide for a Non-Photographer on the Zesty Digest

Some New Books for a New Year on the Zesty Digest

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