Happy Weekend!


Happy Friday, everyone! Are you finishing up all your holiday “to do’s”? Yeah, me too. I have a few gifts left to wrap, cookies to bake, crafts to finish and a super fun video to edit and then I’m done. Put a fork in me. A week from tomorrow we are heading off for a family vacation in Colorado, and I couldn’t be more excited. I won’t be posting that week, but I have some rad guest posters lined up for you that you’re gonna love! Just call me Santa!

Here are some fun links to get you through your weekend:

I wrote about one of my favorite Christmas memories over at the Zesty Digest.

Love is such an incredible thing.

Um, Khloe Kardashian posted a slideshow of her favorite Kardashian Christmas cards and I have to say…well, I don’t know what to say. But it’s worth the click over! (Matching motorcycle jackets? Okay then.)

Have you tried the Portable North Pole? We’ve done it the past few years and the magic hasn’t faded for Lucy. This website (with a new app too!) will make a specialized video with Santa talking to your kid, complete with their own name, photos of them and specific gift requests. Best of all, it’s free!

A great holiday wish list from my friend Nicole over at Petit Soul. I would like one of each, please.

I want to visit this swing art installation in NYC!

Last minute gift idea: Printable treat bags! Fill with goodies for your neighbors, teachers or postman. Easy peesy.

Another cute (and quick) neighbor gift, DIY candy checkers. Comes complete with printables. Hooray for easy!

Love this post from Andrea on the importance of being at choice.

It’s hot toddy season! Here’s a great recipe.

Oh Cinque Terre, I miss you so.

2012 in pop songs. Let’s dance!


Here are some recent Instagrams of our lovely, little life! You can follow our adventures over at @crazy_bananas on Instagram.

An afternoon at the park. #latergram #swing #shadowDay 11 - Sweet: Spider-Man jammers in the morning... #fmsphotoaday

My favorite thing about our holiday card pile this year is seeing my images smiling back at me :)From behind the Menorah... #hanukkah #day2

Day 8 - Someone I Love (Part 2) #fmsphotoadayDay 8 - Someone I Love (Part 1) #fmsphotoaday

Santa success!!!I found Rudolph, y'all. He's cuter and more into pink than I remember....

At the Dollar Tree for stocking stuffers. I'm turning into my mother.Day 5 - Looking Up: we are turning our normal decor in to holiday decor. #merry #fmsphotoaday

Tis the season! #salvationarmy #givingDay 4 - Black and White: He's obsessed with the broken, $5 Christmas carousel from Walgreens. #fmsphotoaday #clearancerack

Day 1 -  8 o'clock: Watching Elf in bed with my favorite girl. #fmsphotoadayFlip flops in December? #weird

Cookie baking party with @stinads! I am now full of sugar :)He's got his football and his dad...happy boy.

We are adorable. #sorrynotsorry #trentloveshashtagsKansas City, you are adorably festive.

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