Happy Blog Birthday to Me!

Eight years ago this month, Trent said (while I was packing for Italy), “I made you a website to keep in touch with everyone. It’s a blog, so you don’t have to email every day.”

“What the hell is a blog?” I wondered.

Well, eight years later, I think I’ve figured it out. And in honor of Crazybananas’ big birthday month, I am proud to present a new look around here! You may have noticed some new graphics, both in the header and sidebars, and I’ve been doing some new things with content as well. There is are updated sections all over the place, including About Me, FAQs and My Life Menu (formerly known as 100 Things to Do). The rad new section focusing on Kansas City has been in effect for a few weeks now, but we have a bunch more fun things planned for the future.


“Happy Birthday to Meeeee…I mean Crazybananas!”

Thank you for being here. Whether you’ve been reading since the beginning or if it’s your first time visiting, stay awhile. We have cupcakes!

(Sidenote: I still haven’t figured out how to deliver cupcakes via Internet, but it’s first on my list. Promise!)

(Sidenote Part Deux: Trent saw me typing this post and looked momentarily panicked…until he realized the title said “blog” in it. I feel like I may have missed out on an opportunity for presents.)

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