Style Refresh with C4 Styling

A Style Remix with C4 Styling!

Do you ever find yourself in a bit of a rut when it comes to your closet? In the past few years, I really feel like I have found my style when it comes to clothes, but I’m still often overwhelmed by the simple act of getting dressed in the morning. In the last few years, I’ve left my corporate job and now have less of a need for business and cocktail attire. I’m out and about during the day, either shooting images or taking care of my kids, so I want to be comfortable, but I’d like to look stylish and put together as well. And I don’t want to spend a ton of cash, especially on items I’ll never wear.

Style Refresh with C4 Styling

Enter my friend Caitlin from C4 Styling! Caitlin came over to my very loud home (my kids were in rare form that day!) and we had such a great time while she provided me with her signature Closet Consult. She went through my entire wardrobe, pulled items that weren’t working for me anymore (either they didn’t fit my body OR my lifestyle) to donate to charity, organized everything else, and then put together some awesome new looks from clothes I already own! It was amazing! I felt like I had a whole new slew of outfits, and I didn’t even have to buy anything. She also took photos of the outfits (which you can see in this post) so that I could easily recreate them.

Style Refresh with C4 Styling

Caitlin also provided me with a wardrobe checklist, showing me what items I could add to my closet that would enhance what I already have. She even put together an awesome Pinterest board (you can see it here!), with links so I can purchase items directly online!

Style Refresh with C4 Styling

I am so grateful to Caitlin for helping me refine my style and get my closet in order. She’s exactly the medicine that my wardrobe needed! These days, when I get dressed in the morning, I’m not stressed about finding something to wear that fits my needs. And I’m a fan of anything that makes my life easier, especially during the crazy mornings in my house once school starts this week!

Beautycounter Vs My Routine

Cleaning Up My Makeup Routine

In the past few years, as I’ve been cleaning up the rest of my life, I’ve become more and more interested in the chemicals myself and my family are using in our homes and on our bodies every day. As a mom and general human being trying to leave this planet better than I found it, I was horrified to find out how much toxic crap is in EVERYTHING we use on a daily basis. From home cleaners to hairspray, the more I learned the more I wanted to do something about it. But there is one problem…I’m not an A+ mom! Sure, I have the best intentions to feed my kids organic kale, but then they throw a fit and it’s late and we end up ordering pizza instead. Sometimes you have to pick your battles!

So any time a brand comes along that offers me the ability to get the toxic chemicals out of our routine, but is also EASY to use and implement, I’m all for it! I was so excited when a friend started working with the incredible company, Beautycounter, and offered me the opportunity to test out their products for a few days. I was super impressed with the quality of everything Beautycounter offers, and their mission is pretty incredible. Did you know there are over 10,000 ingredients used in personal care products…but only 10% of these have actually been tested to ensure they are safe for human health?! And many of these ingredients have been linked to health problems such as cancer or reproductive health. That’s insane. Beautycounter was started by a mom who was sick of the risks she and her family were taking by not knowing what was in the products they used on their bodies. Their mission is to get safe products in to the hands of EVERYONE.

The issue that I’ve often found when using more natural products, especially makeup, is that it doesn’t work as well as my regular products. So I decided to put the Beautycounter line to the test! Many of you know I’ve been asked to come on a few morning shows in the Kansas City area lately, and that is probably the time when I wear the most makeup. My daily routine is pretty tame, but when I’m on camera I pull out the big guns! So I decided to do my last appearance wearing only Beautycounter products…and it went great! The makeup not only looked awesome when I applied it, it didn’t melt under the big studio lights!

I put together this little comparison of the products I generally use when I’m being filmed versus the Beautycounter products. The numbers are from the Environmental Working Group, which ranks products based on what chemicals are used in them and how safe they are. Anything from 1-3 is considered very good, 4-6 is medium and 7-10 is highly hazardous. My regular products are on the left and Beautycounter is on the right…check out how they ranked.

Beautycounter Vs My Routine

Yikes, right? Pretty scary stuff. After I experienced how well the Beautycounter products worked, I immediately started replacing my makeup stash. It’s definitely an investment, but as long as I’m only replacing an item or two at a time, I can make it work. I’m so grateful a company like Beautycounter exists and is making it easier for moms like me (ahem, B+ moms) to better our health!

Beauty Counter + Oils

If you’re interested in learning more about Beautycounter and Young Living Essential Oils (which I’ve talked about on the blog here) and you’re in Kansas City, I will be co-hosting an open house event with my sister next Wednesday, April 20th! From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and then again from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., you can come sample all the wonderful skincare, cosmetics, body, kid and baby products by Beautycounter and the awesome oils and health products by Young Living Essential Oils. I will also be providing iTovi scans, which will provide you with an analysis of your body chemistry and tell you what you need more of to live at your healthiest! If you’d like to join us, please send me an RSVP at for location details and more information. Hope to see you there!

Unstyled : La Croixs Over Boys

La Croix Over Boys

If you’ve met me, you probably have noticed I don’t go anywhere without a can of La Croix sparkling water in hand. It’s ridiculous, honestly. At this very moment there are six cases of La Croix in my garage. SIX. The other day a few Amazon Prime Pantry boxes showed up on my doorstep, and it turns out Trent had ordered a few cases so we’d have some on hand to avoid my freak outs that tend to happen when we run out. (You don’t want to be close by when I realize there is no more La Croix in the fridge…it’s not a pretty sight!) But it turns out great minds think alike, because I had purchased some emergency La Croix that same day, so now we look like we are stockpiling fizzy water for the apocalypse. Which, let’s face it, when the world ends I probably will have a can of La Croix in my hand.

La Croix Over Boys

Along with being a lover of La Croix, I am also a girl who likes her t-shirts. I have a glorious t-shirt pile in my closet, and I tend to pick up new ones all the time to mix in with my wardrobe. I have nerdy t-shirts, concert t-shirts, t-shirts with ironic sayings, vintage sports t-shirts and so much more. I love soft, comfy tees paired with every thing from a breezy skirt to a good pair of jeans, and now that I work from home and my profession does not require “business casual” dress (you guys, business casual is THE WORST) I find myself pulling my t-shirts out more and more often. So I was super stoked when the awesome brand La Croixs Over Boys sent over one of their amazing tees for me! I mean, could there BE a better melding of my worlds?!

La Croix Over Boys

I paired the OG White Tee with high waisted jeans from Madewell, Frye booties and this great hat I picked up at H&M last year. This is the sort of look I would put together for a concert or fun night out with my girlfriends. It’s comfy, a little undone, but edgy. And yes, I brought a prop La Croix for this little shoot…and then I drank it. LIKE A BOSS.

This product was provided by La Croixs Over Boys, but all opinions are my own….

Photos by Kymberly Rubio

Spring into Confidence : A Giveaway!!!


It’s FRIIIIIDDDDAAAAAY! Can you tell I’m excited? Well, this week has been less than ideal, with an insane headcold that took over my sinuses around Tuesday and is just now started to lessen it’s grip on my brain. Ooof. But I’m pumped because:

A. I’m finally getting my ability to breathe back!
B. It’s almost the weekend!
C. I have an awesome giveaway for you!

(Am I using enough exclamation points? I wasn’t sure. !!!!!!)


Spring into Confidence is a progressive style academy designed by Town Center’s stylist and blogger Caitlin Fore on March 31st from 6-8 p.m. This event is geared toward teaching women everything they need to know to feel confident everyday! Who has the time to learn all of these tips and tricks with our busy schedules!?

Come join her and a slew of talented specialists to learn how to:

– Dress your body right with Caitlin Fore

– Take care of your gorgeous skin with Macy’s and Clinique

– Style your hair perfectly everyday with Parlor

– Get your nails done with Salon One19

– Learn how to get a flawless face with Sephora

There will be amazing giveaways from all of the sponsors along with some killer swag bags filled with some favorites goodies – for everyone to enjoy!

Drumroll please….I’m giving away 2 Tickets to Spring into Confidence right here! Just enter using the form below before midnight on Sunday, March 27th. I will announce the winner on Monday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, for those of you who want to skip all the giveaway hubbub and just get your tickets now, go here to purchase and save $10 by using the code CRAZYBANANAS. Good luck!

Posh KC Spring Trends

Spring Hair Trends with Posh KC

Are you guys read for spring yet? I am so, so excited for warmer temperatures, flowers popping up all over the place and the idea of getting to be outside a bit more. But I’m also super pumped for flip flops, skirts and NO MORE STATIC HAIR! Anyone else have this issue? My hair is naturally wavy, so in the summer it’s a total dream. The Midwest humidity plus a few select hair products and I have mermaid beach hair without much effort. In the colder months, it’s a different story! The dryness in the air makes me look like I constantly am touching a live wire. I have Albert Einstein hair, and it’s not pretty.

Posh KC Spring Trends

But with spring I start to remember that I actually do love my hair and don’t want to cut it all off! Cute styles and flirty waves go perfectly with my spring wardrobe. While I adore the idea of spring hair, I sometimes don’t know where to start, so I’m glad Posh KC is here to help me out! Posh KC is a blow dry bar located in the Power & Light District of downtown Kansas City. I love Posh KC, because as a busy mom and business owner, it’s pretty wonderful to spend an hour getting your hair (and makeup too!) done. My blowouts tend to last for a few days, so it ends up being a real time saver for me! Plus, who doesn’t love treating yourself to some pampering? A few weeks ago, I photographed some spring trends with the amazing Posh KC stylists (full tutorials to come on their site!), and they were perfectly fresh for the season.

Posh KC Spring Trends

Posh KC Spring Trends

Posh KC Spring Trends

To book an appointment at Posh KC, visit their website at!

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