I’m in love…

…with dancing in the snow late at night…

Dancing in the snow with @kuirishgirlie!

…and my new chalkboard wall…

The new chalkboard wall is done! Now I just need an artsy friend to come decorate it.

…and monkey bread…

The problem with making monkey bread is I seriously can't stop eating it. Bad decision.

…and tiny sugar plum fairies…

Final rehearsal for the big dance recital!

…and The Fonz…

Just got home from the longest day ever and the Fonz is on TV. Figures.

…and sparkly stars atop the Christmas tree…

Christmas tree is up. Now I need some spiked eggnog.

…and driveby sunsets…

Crossing into Kentucky. Finally relinquished the wheel. Happy to be a passenger.

…and my iPhone camera, that captures my life at a real time pace. All of these photos were taken with my phone and edited using one or more of the following Apps:

The Best Camera
Camera Bag
TiltShift Generator
Mill Colour
ShakeIt Photo


I know that (hatehatehate this word) blogging can be silly and dumb. I know people hate Twitter and Facebook and social media in general. But when I look back on the pictures I’ve posted or the words I’ve written, I’m so thankful for these platforms. They help me to remember. For me, it’s like a giant virtual scrapbook of my life. And without it, I’d forget all of the good times when the bad ones creep in, and I’m afraid I’d lose a piece of my soul.

And god knows I’d never actually scrapbook. Paper cuts are scarier then the aforementioned soul loss. And I’m not good with gluesticks.

I’m back, bitches.

Well, That’s “Different”

Halllllooooooooo Internets!

As you can probably tell, I’ve started the first phase of implementation of the new site design, a.k.a. Crazybananas 6.0. It’s a far cry from that giant magenta baby I used to have…remember that, Internets? I searched and searched for the old links so you all could remember the giant magenta baby masthead with references, but alas, it seems that the image has finally been removed from the www. Which is probably a good thing for all of your corneas. And your psychological well being.

I’m going to be working on the kinks on this new design for a while, so please be patient with me. And yes, I know the right sidebar is jacked. And no, I’m not sure how to fix it. And yes, I probably should’ve upgraded WordPress before I started this madness. And yes, I also know my colors are off and my alignment is weird and my archives are listed wrong and blah blah blah blah.

But please, let me know what you think. Does the yellow hurt your brain? Is my mustache on straight? Too much? Too little? Too ligit to quit? Comment away!

Am Alive

And still redesigning (read: eating cheese popcorn and watching re-runs of Glee). I will be back by the end of November, totally promise. Or not. We’ll see. ‘Til then, you can always find me over at Twitter spouting genius. Crazybananas in individually wrapped goodness.


This here website has been up and running for OVER FIVE YEARS now. Please, just take a moment to let that one sink in. Other than my husband, I’ve never even had a relationship last longer than three years, let alone five. And we all know what’s happened to most of my hobbies (oh, shut up, I’m very important and busy) that have fallen by the wayside. Sometimes I look back at this site and can’t believe how much has changed in my life. I mean, back when we started this site, I didn’t know anyone who had a blog, and now I read tons of them regularly. Other bloggers have taught me how to take photos, how to sew (ahem, I will do this…someday), how to do my hair, where to buy awesomely weird furniture and everything else that I could possibly imagine.

But the time has come for some changes around here, and since I usually go at projects like this with extreme vigor just to have them totally pitter out after a few days, I’m taking this one slowly. I’ve gone through four redesigns since I started writing online, but haven’t touched the design here since 2007. In web-years, this site’s design is having a mid-life crisis, and only I can save it from buying itself an overpriced red sports car and finding a boyfriend 10 years younger (although, if anyone has any boyfriend suggestions, I’m sure my site will consider them) is by giving it a facelift.

Step One: My masthead.

(For those of you that don’t speak “Internet,” it’s the title at the top of the page.)

Oh, golly, if I could only show you all of the mastheads that this poor site has had to endure. Do you all remember the “iPod Baby?” Technically, Trent did that one, right after we got our hands on Photoshop for the first time, but holy cow, it freaked me out. It was like a giant blob with headphones over a frightening color background that could only be described as “PINK!!!!!”

So the masthead that I’ve had on this site for the past two and a half years was one I created while still new to Photoshop and in the midst of thinking of a clever tagline to go after the whole “Crazybananas” part. I was messing around with the template and had the placeholder text “a working mom gone crazy” as my tag when I uploaded it to the site to make sure the sizing was correct. Then I fell asleep for two and a half years, woke up, and realized that tag is so dumb it makes my eyes bleed. And also, butterflies? Why did I think having a butterfly on my website was a good idea? I don’t even like butterflies.

What I need from you people are some suggestions for a new tagline and anything you’d like to see in my masthead. Any ideas, oh creative ones? Should I just stick a LOLCatz up there and call it a day? Do you miss the butterfly? Too bad, it’s gone forever. But any other ideas I’ll definitely consider. Especially since I don’t seem to have any of my own.

Let the creativity commence!

Privacy and the Robot

Privacy. It’s one of those serious topics I try to stear clear of on this site full of Space Camp pictures and really bad jokes. But, for some reason, yesterday I had an epiphany. Maybe it was because someone posted 60+ photos to a certain shared site from my drunken birthday fiesta. Maybe it was because I read this essay over at Rockstarmommy. Or maybe it was because I was up most of the night as a police helicopter circled my neighborhood looking for who knows what. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because I was so freaked out about the police helicopter and it’s hour of shining a spotlight right over our house that I actually let my husband show me how to load his gun in case of an emergency. And I effing HATE guns! And I HATE that he has one in my house. But I was so scared, I just let him show me. Ah, the joys of living in an urban area.

Anyway, I started thinking about all I do to keep my family safe. We have smoke alarms, burgler alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and a Rottweiler. Trent keeps a bat by the front door and a baton by the bed. We babyproofed the whole house and keep a video monitor by our bed in case Lu wakes up during the night. When I head in to work at an un-godly hour, I get a security guard to walk me from my parking garage to my office building.

But then, I hop on my computer and upload hundreds of photos for anyone and their mother to see. I upload pictures of Christmas, Easter and Labor Day. I upload pictures of my daughter, my nieces, my nephews. And yesterday I started to think about how these photos of those gorgeous kids could be used in the hands of the wrong person. And what was I doing to keep that from happening? Nothing. Actually, I should have just said, “Hello, creepy internet prowler, would you like a picture of my daughter in her swimming suit? Maybe just in a diaper? Great, enjoy!”

So, in lieu of my strange awakening, I’m trying to decide what to do with all of my thousands (seriously, thousands) of photos that I have stored on Flickr. Now, I love Flickr, and I’m going to continue to use it, but I’m just not sure that anyone who wants to login or search the site should be able to do a search for “baby” and have a picture of Lucy pop up. So yesterday I took drastic measures and made all 2500+ of my photos on Flickr private. When pictures are set to private, you have to login to Flickr and be denoted as one of my “Friends” to see them (you can join Flickr, and add me to your Friends by clicking here – if you already have an account on Yahoo!, then you can use that same ID for Flickr by clicking here…damn corporate sellouts).

I know this is just one more site for people to belong to, and, trust me, I get it. Between MySpace and Facebook and my four internet-based email accounts, I’m just about sick of signing up for crap. So, after a few more hours of deliberation, I came to a compromise. I’m going to keep pictures public if they can be found in my Most Recent category or My Favorite Photos category (these can be found on the left hand side of this page). Once a picture is moved from Most Recent, I will probably make it private, unless it is a Favorite Photo that I’d like more people to see.

I’m not sure if this is the final solution, actually, I will probably revise this a zillion times before I decide what to do permanantly. I just think that Lu and the other kiddos in my life didn’t ask to be a part of this site, and it isn’t fair for me to post photos of them when they can’t object. As for myself and the other adults around me? Well, if you don’t want your picture up here, you’d better let me know, and I’ll take them down right away. If you don’t care, then be prepared for photos of yourself doing the robot on the internet for everyone to see.

The Robot

Update: Looks like I’m not the only one freaking out about this topic…it’s got the whole Internet up in arms.

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