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Halloween with Queen

The Peters family continued the ridiculous Halloween family costume tradition this year, and friends…it was a DOOZY! When Trent and I saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, we immediately knew Queen would be the perfect family costume. Mostly because Trent really wanted to shave an epic Eddie Mercury mustache. Challenge, accepted! The kids were mortified, but […]

A New Move

Just because chaos loves company, we bought a house two weeks ago! We are still living among boxes and tubs and sleeping on mattresses on the floor, but I have never been happier. (Note: These photos were taken in the rooms that we have actually unpacked!) This is the home I have dreamt of for […]


Dear Lucy, Today you turned 13-years-old. Yes. THIRTEEN. As in teenager! What in the holy heck is happening? How can I have a teenage daughter? I don’t understand this at all, but it is apparently real life, so I suppose I’d better get used to it. I have high hopes your teenage years, especially your […]

A Note on Documenting Life

When I started this blog a billion years ago (okay, only 15 years ago…but whoa that’s a very long time), it was to share bits and pieces of my life as I traveled around the world. I never imagined a time when we’d share so much of our lives on the internet, but here we […]

State of the Blog 2019

It’s Saturday night and my house is quiet. This is rare, friends. So rare that it feels a bit scandalous. Here I am, empty house, nothing on the calendar, and I thought to myself, “I should write on the blog…I never do that anymore. I miss it.” So here I am. I logged on and […]

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