1 Second Everyday

I am a huge fan of photo of the day projects, and of documenting my family’s life in interesting ways. I have found myself in the role of memory keeper for my little family, and while I relish the job, it’s sometimes a bit boring. I mean, how many photos can one person take? The answer, if you’re wondering, is approximately a billion.

Last year I found myself having a difficult time keeping up with daily photo projects. I’d start one, and then it would flounder as life got busier and busier. I have learned enough to know beating myself up over not finishing a family photo project is just silly, but I still wanted to find an easy, interesting, new way to document our life in 2016.

Enter 1 Second Everyday! I heard about this app via the Elise Joy Blog, and downloaded it at the beginning of January. The app makes the project so simple! I’m not going to lie, I definitely had some issues remembering to film each day, but I’m finding it easier as it becomes a habit. I love the idea of having one second snippets to remember the small, but significant moments of your life. You’d be amazed at what you can capture in one second! Everything from your kid’s laugh to their first soccer goal…it’s all big and small and wonderful. I hope to do this throughout the year, and at the end I’ll have a six minute video of 2016.

This is a great project to start at the beginning of the year, but if you missed January, I still think it’s worth doing. You could start at a significant date, like a birthday or anniversary, or start with an event, such as the birth of a child or a wedding. The possibilities are endless!

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